Sweet and bright, with lots of dried fruits and burnt sugar coming through.

Muraho Decaf





















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It all started in Rwanda

German missionaries were first to introduce coffee to Rwanda in 1904. Today Rwanda is Africa’s ninth largest coffee growing region, with around 28,000 hectares spread across about 450,000 small farms. About 95% of coffee produced in Rwanda is Bourbon, with smaller quantities of other varieties such as Catuai and Caturra.

The coffees in this decaf are sourced from washing stations in the Nyamasheke, Gakende, and Nyabihu regions of Rwanda. They’re sent to CR3 Kaffeeveredelung Hermsen in Bremen Germany, a company renowned for their natural CO2 decaffeination process. This process retains significantly more flavour and aroma in the coffee than many other processes, and results in much less waste.

Data sheet


Bright, Floral


Muraho Trading Co


Nyamasheke District


Red Bourbon


Washed, CO2 Decaf

Elevation (masl)

1650 - 2000

Why did we pick this coffee?

We’ve always been huge decaf drinkers and wanted to offer decaf for a range of tastes. Our previous decaf was rich and full-bodied, so for our second decaf we wanted to find something that was bright, floral, and had strong fruit character. When we cupped this coffee from Raw Material we loved the dried apricot notes we got from it; sweet and acidic in equal measures, with a very clean mouthfeel.


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Farmgate price isn't always an accurate indicator of how much a farmer earns for their coffee, as different systems are used throughout the world to determine how much to pay the farmer. For example, in some origins the farmer is paid for the cherry, prior to processing; while other origins the farmer will be paid based on parchment. 

Commodity price is based off the commodity price of coffee on the date of purchase. 

A note from our Head Roaster, Lukasz

This decaf was a very nice surprise indeed, not having the best experiences with CO2 processed ones in the past I found them grassy, almost straw like. You can imagine the excitement when we cupped this and instead found in the cup delicate peachy notes and a floral aroma! For sure it’s a departure from our previous Colombian decaf but it’s the first step towards a wide selection that we want to offer in the near future so stay tuned!

Our Eco-friendly packaging

Developed in-house, our one-of-a-kind coffee packaging helps keep your coffee fresher for longer and is 100% recyclable; no bullshit.

100% recyclable forever. Aluminium beverage cans are the most recycled object on the planet and over 75% are recycled each year in the UK, a whopping 98% are recycled in Brazil!

Aluminium cans are familiar objects that everyone knows how to deal with. Just throw it in your domestic recycling, no need to remove valves or zips, no need to take it to a recycling centre.

Better for your coffee. The can is sealed with our custom easy-peel style end, providing a complete barrier against oxygen until you open it up with a satisfying hissss!

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