Katia Belo and Cristiene


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I Katia, work together with my family (my sister Cristiene and my mother Aparecida and my brothers Abraão Júnior, Bruno and Silvanil) in the production of specialty coffees since the year 2018, when my father Abraão died in 2016 was very difficult for the family, because it was to admire how good and affable my father was, and not to mention that he had so much wisdom and love to take care of their coffee crops.

Rich and smooth, a coffee for wet mornings, long days, and a good kick up the bum!




Katia Belo Martins


Matas de Minas


Catuai Vermelho 144







In 2018 I (Bachelor in Administration) and my sister Cristiene (Agronomist) decided to go back to the farm to help my mother and my brothers, but with the focus on producing Specialty coffees, we value a lot for sustainable production, care for the environment and the quality of the beans. With such concerns we were able to get the Certifica Minas certificate.

How to brew

This is by no means a definitive brew guide, but should be enough to get you started. Check out our Brew Guides page for more.

Step 1. Heat your water

95°C - 97°C

Step 2. Weigh your coffee

6g of coffee for every 100g of water.

Step 3. Prep your brewer

Add your filter and rinse.

Step 4. Add your coffee

Grind if necessary, and add to brewer.

Step 5. Start brewing

Set your timer and pour your water.

Step 6. Drink!

Take your mug of fresh coffee and enjoy.

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