Gito Natural


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For this coffee, the cherries are sorted and cleaned, then laid out evenly across raised beds, providing consistent airflow, and height away to prevent moisture and animals from coming into contact with the cherries. The cherries are dried in the sun for 30 days, turned constantly when the sun is high and covered during the night. Once the cherries have dried, the now dried outer fruit is removed, and the coffee beans are ready to be shipped to us for roasting!

Sweet and juicy, with a touch of spice; like a cherry cola on a hot day!




Kilimbi, Rugali, Gisheke


Nyamasheke District


Red Bourbon







Gito means ‘tiny’ in Kinyarwanda. Traditionally, these beans were considered to be of a lesser quality than others and sold on the commodity market simply due to their small screen size. However, with careful screening and sorting based on the density of the beans instead of the size, something special was found. The Gito Blend is thus made up of the higher density beans of 13-14 screen size of coffee sourced from 3 different washing stations - Kilimbi, Rugali, Gisheke.

How to brew

This is by no means a definitive brew guide, but should be enough to get you started. Check out our Brew Guides page for more.

Step 1. Heat your water

95°C - 97°C

Step 2. Weigh your coffee

6g of coffee for every 100g of water.

Step 3. Prep your brewer

Add your filter and rinse.

Step 4. Add your coffee

Grind if necessary, and add to brewer.

Step 5. Start brewing

Set your timer and pour your water.

Step 6. Drink!

Take your mug of fresh coffee and enjoy.

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