Sweet and juicy, with a touch of spice; like a cherry cola on a hot day!

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It all started in Rwanda

German missionaries were first to introduce coffee to Rwanda in 1904. Today Rwanda is Africa’s ninth largest coffee growing region, with around 28,000 hectares spread across about 450,000 small farms. About 95% of coffee produced in Rwanda is Bourbon, with smaller quantities of other varieties such as Catuai and Caturra.

Gito means ‘tiny’ in Kinyarwanda. Traditionally, these beans were considered to be of a lesser quality than others and sold on the commodity market simply due to their small screen size. However, with careful screening and sorting based on the density of the beans instead of the size, something special was found. The Gito Blend is thus made up of the higher density beans of 13-14 screen size of coffee sourced from 3 different washing stations - Kilimbi, Rugali, Gisheke.

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Kilimbi, Rugali, Gisheke


Nyamasheke District


Red Bourbon



Elevation (masl)


Why did we pick this coffee?

We’ve wanted to work with Raw Material for quite some time, admiring their ethics and practices, their dedication to improving the lot of growers and transparency. When we cupped our first collection of samples from them, this was one of a few coffees that stood out in particular. Although we love natural coffees, we find that often they can taste a bit “samey” - when we offer a natural coffee we want to offer one that offers something unique and isn’t your standard Ethiopian Yirgacheffe-style coffee. The Gito Natural ticked this box for us, with much more going on than most. It had fruit, but it also had a bit of spice and a balance to it that most naturals simply lack.


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Prices and units shown are presented without conversion in the currency and units presented to us, this generally indicates the currency and units the coffee was traded in.

FOB price is the price paid immediately prior to shipping, so tends to include local taxes, transportation, processing, etc

Farmgate price isn't always an accurate indicator of how much a farmer earns for their coffee, as different systems are used throughout the world to determine how much to pay the farmer. For example, in some origins the farmer is paid for the cherry, prior to processing; while other origins the farmer will be paid based on parchment. 

Commodity price is based off the commodity price of coffee on the date of purchase. 

A note from our Head Roaster, Lukasz

I remember that cupping very fondly because of how many great coffees we got to try. Choosing the ones we wanted to get, that was the hard part! The Gito however was a sure shot from the first sip. Again, not your standard natural, the coffee presents a very intricate flavour that makes you think of cherries with delicate hints of herbs and spices. That’s where the idea of cherry cola came from!

Our Eco-friendly packaging

Developed in-house, our one-of-a-kind coffee packaging helps keep your coffee fresher for longer and is 100% recyclable; no bullshit.

100% recyclable forever. Aluminium beverage cans are the most recycled object on the planet and over 75% are recycled each year in the UK, a whopping 98% are recycled in Brazil!

Aluminium cans are familiar objects that everyone knows how to deal with. Just throw it in your domestic recycling, no need to remove valves or zips, no need to take it to a recycling centre.

Better for your coffee. The can is sealed with our custom easy-peel style end, providing a complete barrier against oxygen until you open it up with a satisfying hissss!

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