Finca La Esperanza


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I am a producer from the municipality of Pitalito Huila. My name is Jorge Edison Gómez Medina and the name of my farm is La Esperanza where I live with my wife and my two children. I came to the life of coffee through my grandparents, I am the third generation in the production of coffee.

Comforting, a coffee that embraces you and tells you it'll be alright, with notes of passionfruit and a touch of almond nougat.




Jorge Edison Gomez Medina


Pitalito Huila


Colombia, Castillo, Caturra







This coffee is pretty exciting for us. We've acquired it through a platform, ifinca, that was founded to create a more transparent supply chain between growers and consumers. Through this platform we can see how much the farmer is paid (US$1.45/LB or about £2.37/kg) for the coffee, a profile of the farmer, and see which companies are involved in getting this coffee to you.

How to brew

This is by no means a definitive brew guide, but should be enough to get you started. Check out our Brew Guides page for more.

Step 1. Heat your water

95°C - 97°C

Step 2. Weigh your coffee

6g of coffee for every 100g of water.

Step 3. Prep your brewer

Add your filter and rinse.

Step 4. Add your coffee

Grind if necessary, and add to brewer.

Step 5. Start brewing

Set your timer and pour your water.

Step 6. Drink!

Take your mug of fresh coffee and enjoy.

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