Comforting, a coffee that embraces you and tells you it'll be alright, with notes of passionfruit and a touch of almond nougat.

Finca La Esperanza





















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It all started in Colombia

Lying directly on the equator, Colombia is one of few coffee growing countries that has two harvests per year, one in the autumn and one in the spring. The rugged landscapes of Andes can produce microclimate variations to such a degree that neighbouring farmers can have wildly different flavour profiles coming from their crops, while using almost identical farming practices. The high altitudes of the southern regions of Colombia can produce some exceptional, complex coffees, and overall the balance, acidity, and complexity of Colombian coffees make them very highly regarded by casual coffee consumers and aficionados alike.

The farm La Esperanza is owned by Jorge Edison Gómez Medina, where he lives with his wife and two children. Jorge is a 3rd generation coffee farmer and works hard to produce excellent speciality coffee with as little impact on the local environment as possible.

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Jorge Edison Gomez Medina


Pitalito Huila


Colombia, Castillo, Caturra



Elevation (masl)


Why did we pick this coffee?

iFinca is a platform that uses blockchain technology to provide secure and trustworthy transparency of the coffee supply chain. This, for us, was hugely attractive. This particular lot was one of three we sampled through iFinca, and although it wasn’t the highest scoring of the three, it had a balance and acidity that put it above the others. The iFinca platform is still in its early stages, but if this is a sign of what's to come, we’re very excited to see what the future holds for the whole supply chain.


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Commodity price is based off the commodity price of coffee on the date of purchase. 

A note from our Head Roaster, Lukasz

Now this one is a crowd pleaser! A perfect example of how a well balanced cup of coffee can kick start your day with just the right amount of acidity, hint of bitterness and a silky smooth body. This became a sort of our house coffee after we tried it for the first time, ticking many boxes of what we love about coffee and the fact it was the first coffee we got directly from the farmer with the help of iFinca makes it a milestone in its own right.

Our Eco-friendly packaging

Developed in-house, our one-of-a-kind coffee packaging helps keep your coffee fresher for longer and is 100% recyclable; no bullshit.

100% recyclable forever. Aluminium beverage cans are the most recycled object on the planet and over 75% are recycled each year in the UK, a whopping 98% are recycled in Brazil!

Aluminium cans are familiar objects that everyone knows how to deal with. Just throw it in your domestic recycling, no need to remove valves or zips, no need to take it to a recycling centre.

Better for your coffee. The can is sealed with our custom easy-peel style end, providing a complete barrier against oxygen until you open it up with a satisfying hissss!

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