A blend for long days, for those who like to pace themselves, for not stopping at one cup, for everyone who doesn't belive in limits.

Emulsify Half Caf Blend





















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It all started with mayonnaise

An emulsion is most commonly understood as mixture of two liquids that normally can't be combined that come together to create something new. A great example of this is mayonnaise; which in its simplest form is the combination of eggs and vinegar or lemon juice. Each of the components on their own are amazing in their own way, but when brought together they become something truly special.

That is the essence of what this blend is. Emulsify is the result of careful blending of 3 of our coffees to create something that truly stands on its own, with one simple goal - create an incredible half-caf blend that offers no compromise.

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Juicy, Sweet, Balanced






Red Bourbon, Catuai Vermelho 144



Elevation (masl)


Why half-caf?

Coffee is a drink of opposition. It's either black or white, it keeps you awake when you would otherwise sleep, and it's either caffeinated, or it's not. We drink coffee all day - a lot of it - and some times it's simply too much. We wanted to create a half-caf coffee for those who love to drink coffee all day, for those who normally only drink one cup, for those who just want a little pick-me-up instead of being woken from the grave. Half-caf coffee is a balance between two opposing forces, it's a compromise, a solution.


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A note from our Head Roaster, Lukasz

Our Muraho decaf is delicious, but it is incredibly fruit-forward. When cupping it one morning we thought we'd try blending it with something bolder, juicier, to balance out the fruit-acidity of it, and with a bit of experimentation we found something we thought was pretty special.

Our Eco-friendly packaging

Developed in-house, our one-of-a-kind coffee packaging helps keep your coffee fresher for longer and is 100% recyclable; no bullshit.

100% recyclable forever. Aluminium beverage cans are the most recycled object on the planet and over 75% are recycled each year in the UK, a whopping 98% are recycled in Brazil!

Aluminium cans are familiar objects that everyone knows how to deal with. Just throw it in your domestic recycling, no need to remove valves or zips, no need to take it to a recycling centre.

Better for your coffee. The can is sealed with our custom easy-peel style end, providing a complete barrier against oxygen until you open it up with a satisfying hissss!

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