Curated Coffee Box #1

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Curated Coffee

Every four weeks we choose three coffees and pair them up with a theme. These might include coffees from our standard range but will also include exclusive releases unavailable outside the box. With each Curated Coffee Box you’ll receive three 125g or 200g bags of specially selected coffee.

You have the choice to either subscribe or just buy the box as a one-off. There are very limited quantities of each box we release and our subscribers are accounted for first - subscribing will mean you will never miss out on the latest Box.

Banka Washed

Delicate and floral with a pleasant red apple acidity, notes of Earl Grey on the nose and a milk chocolate, malty finish.

Our Banka Washed, as well as its Natural counterpart, comes from the Yunnan province of China, mostly known for its tea production. The farm and washing station is located between two villages, Banka Yi and Banka Er from which it takes its name. It is managed by the Yunnan Coffee Traders who operate farming, mill, research, and training facilities. It strives to create opportunities for Yunnan farmers to engage in sustainable production practices, including industry best-practices for sourcing, processing, wholesaling, and exporting coffees.


Rich and juicy cup full of kiwi with a honeycomb sweetness and a honey and vanilla aroma.

The Ywangan comes from the Ywangan township located in the Southern Shan state of Myanmar. It consists of daily lots of local smallholder farmers and is managed by Mandalay Coffee Group, an organisation owned entirely by citizens of Myanmar that provides support in processing the coffee and bringing it to the market.

Cristo Liurai

Sweet and creamy lychee fronted cup with delicate notes of rooibos and a bittersweet, marzipan finish.

Introducing our latest coffee from Timor-Leste, home of the many’s favourite Eratoi that we brought you last year! The Cristo Liurai is a collaborative effort of 11 smallholder farmers led by Luis Santos de Jesus. After wanting to break away from the standard commercial buying model the collective worked hard to produce specialty grade coffee, following the rigorous process of sorting and floating, pulping and fermentation and drying on raised beds to bring you this delicious, clean and fruity coffee.

Why subscribe?

We source coffee specifically for the Curated Coffee Box, some of which won't be available individually. Subscribing is the only way to ensure you'll get these coffees because we buy these coffees based on our number of subscribers.

Many of the coffees that will feature in the box will be special. That means they're expensive! The subscription price will remain consistent regardless of the contents, but the purchase price will change based on what's included. This is an incredible way to try some pretty incredible coffee for an unbelievable price.

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