Curated Coffee Box #2 El Espacio Màgico

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Curated Coffee

It is time to introduce our second entry in the Curated Coffee Box series and do we have something special for you! For the El Espacio Màgico Box we wanted to bring you something unique and decided to get three microlots from the Jaén province in Peru, two of them from the same farm. We thought that there’s got to be something magical about a place that yields such wonderful coffee! All three coffees are of the same variety, Catuai, but they’ve all been processed using different methods. You’ll be getting an Extended Fermentation Washed as well as Yellow Honey grown by Elvis Tineo Rafael alongside a Natural from Presbitero Herrera Torres. It’s a fantastic way to get acquainted with Peruvian coffees that don’t get nearly enough exposure at a very attractive price point so don’t sleep on it!

You have the choice to either subscribe or just buy the box as a one-off. There are very limited quantities of each box we release and our subscribers are accounted for first - subscribing will mean you will never miss out on the latest Box.

Elvis Tineo Rafael EF Washed

Bright and delicate cup full of peach and mandarins with a creamy mouthfeel and cocoa nibs in the aftertaste.

Elvis Reinerio Tineo Rafael is a second-generation coffee producer who owns land in the El Diamante area of Jaen, where on a 3 hectare farm he grows bourbon, caturra and catuai varieties with the help of his family. This coffee is a single variety catuai, which were picked, washed and floated before being macerated in the cherry for 12 hours. After the maceration period the cherries were pulped and fermented in sealed grainpro bags for 36 hours. The coffee was then dried under shade for 15 days. As you can see a huge amount of work went into producing this coffee and that’s why we’re stoked to roast and bring you the fruit(pun not intended) of his labour.

Peru Elvis Tineo Rafael Honey | Manifesto Coffee Scotland

Juicy and fruity cup fronted by ripe cherries followed by green grapes with a light body that reminds us of a refreshing iced tea.

Another one of Elvis’ beautiful coffees, these are the same beans as the first but processed in a different way called Yellow Honey. Those of you who got both our Banka coffees know how exciting that can be! After the coffee is picked, washed and floated it is left for 12 hours to ferment within the cherries before being pulped. Subsequently the coffee is placed on raised beds and left untouched for 24 hours, at that point the parchment gets turned regularly for 10 to 12 days. Again, we’re very happy to share with you some of the best coffees the El Diamante region has to offer.

Presbitero Herrera Torres

Sweet and complex, this one opens up with tropical notes of pineapple, hoppy aroma and a touch of spruce needles.

Presbitero Herrera Torres owns 3 hectares of land in the village of San Francisco, Huabal district where he grows and manages the picking of coffee with the help of his family and some seasonal pickers he hires who live locally. Once picked, Presbitero pre-ferments his coffee in cherry overnight before depulping and fermenting in a tank for 24 hours. The coffee is then washed and placed on tarpaulin mats to dry in the sun, which takes between 10 and 15 days. As a result he produces this complex and delightfully sweet coffee that goes to show just how much potential there is in northern Peru for naturally processed lots.

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