Cristo Liurai

Timor Leste

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After wanting to break away from the standard commercial buying model the collective worked hard to produce specialty grade coffee, following the rigorous process of sorting and floating, pulping and fermentation and drying on raised beds to bring you this delicious, clean and fruity coffee.

Sweet and creamy lychee fronted cup with delicate notes of rooibos and a bittersweet, marzipan finish.


Bright, Balanced


Luis Santos de Jesus




Typica, Timor Hybrid







Introducing our latest coffee from Timor-Leste, home of the many’s favourite Eratoi that we brought you last year! The Cristo Liurai is a collaborative effort of 11 smallholder farmers led by Luis Santos de Jesus.

How to brew

This is by no means a definitive brew guide, but should be enough to get you started. Check out our Brew Guides page for more.

Step 1. Heat your water

95°C - 97°C

Step 2. Weigh your coffee

6g of coffee for every 100g of water.

Step 3. Prep your brewer

Add your filter and rinse.

Step 4. Add your coffee

Grind if necessary, and add to brewer.

Step 5. Start brewing

Set your timer and pour your water.

Step 6. Drink!

Take your mug of fresh coffee and enjoy.

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