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Curated Coffee Box #1

Our first Curated Coffee Box showcases 3 incredible coffees from 3 origins in Asia. Get a taste for what this region is capable of!

Featuring 3 very special and changing every 4 weeks.

WTF is Manifesto Coffee?

Manifesto Coffee brings you excellent coffee that’s roasted for balance, not acidity. We are fully transparent in the way we operate and always strive to provide best quality, while being easy on the planet and making sure that the farmer gets a fair share of your money. 

Featured coffee:

There Can be Only One

Limited edition Fathers Day blend!

Want to see us in your favourite cafe?

We would love you to be able to get our coffee in your favourite cafe, so nominate a cafe here and we'll get in touch with them!

If they stock our beans we'll then reward you with a 3-month coffee subscription valued at over £75!

Everyone wins!

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