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Curated Coffee Box #2 El Espacio Màgico

Transports you to a magical space with every sip

Featuring 3 very special coffees and changing every 4 weeks.

Our Eco-friendly packaging

Developed in-house, our one-of-a-kind coffee packaging helps keep your coffee fresher for longer and is 100% recyclable; no bullshit.

100% recyclable forever. Aluminium beverage cans are the most recycled object on the planet and over 75% are recycled each year in the UK, a whopping 98% are recycled in Brazil!

Aluminium cans are familiar objects that everyone knows how to deal with. Just throw it in your domestic recycling, no need to remove valves or zips, no need to take it to a recycling centre.

Better for your coffee. The can is sealed with our custom easy-peel style end, providing a complete barrier against oxygen until you open it up with a satisfying hissss!

Featured coffee:

Gito Natural

Sweet and juicy, with a touch of spice; like a cherry cola on a hot day!

Want to see us in your favourite cafe?

We would love you to be able to get our coffee in your favourite cafe, so nominate a cafe here and we'll get in touch with them!

If they stock our beans we'll then reward you with a 3-month coffee subscription valued at over £75!

Everyone wins!

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